Cymbal Clean-Up

I posted a video not so long ago about cymbal cleaning. I've started using a product by Muc-Off and it's really easy. Muc-Off Miracle Shine is my favourite cleaning compound at the moment. It's easily removed and cleans well. I never clean over logos but a light buffing works well. I haven't noticed any change [...]

Live performance video

Elysian Divide Here is an example of another genre. Female fronted metal band Elysian Divide really pack a punch!! There is so much energy and raw aggression that sometimes it's hard not to burn out in the first song. That brings me to the subject of pacing myself, and physical and mental fitness. All my [...]

Mary Jane live performance video

In this video we highlight the musical skill and connection between two of the most incredible musicians I know: Mrs Gillie Hotston (vocals, lead and rhythm violin) and Miss Jo Quinn ("lead vocals", rhythm violin and seen here demonstrating her skill and speed playing a penny whistle). Gillie creates so much energy on stage, tearing [...]

Mary Jane live performance video

The intro to this song (Lovely Joan) was developed by me and my good friend Mr Jon Hawkes. Jon is an amazing bass player and knows his stuff with music and musical engineering. To me, these videos highlight the importance of good communication and a stage sense that a lot of bands struggle to find. [...]